Mommy & Baby duo

Mommy & Baby duo

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The mommy and baby duo is a must have for your nursery. 

The Nipple butter-

is made to help heal sore chapped Nipples when breastfeeding. 
made with all natural ingredients it is safe for you and your baby. This nipple butter is made with “edible” ingredients, but you might want to wipe off any remnant of it before nursing baby.

This nipple butter is also safe to use with cloth nursing pads as it washes off easily and won’t cause repelling.


Olive oil, Mango butter,Wild Plantain leaf, Bees wax. 

The Mommy & baby whipped balm- 

The main component of Mommy & baby Whipped Balm is virgin organic unrefined Shea butter, which gets absorbed quickly into the skin as it melts at body temperature. Its moisturising and healing properties are beneficial to all skin types including the most sensitive baby skin as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. As well as helps mommy’s with dry skin and stretch marks. 

Ingredients:  Shea butter, Olive oil, Beeswax, Mango Butter, Wild Plantain leaf. 


Enhance baby-bonding time with a loving touch.

  • 100% natural
  • Purest Ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal gift for new parents
  • Help baby sleep deeply and for longer
  • Calm and relax both parent and baby
  • Soothe babies and reduce crying
  • Support the development of optimal skin health
  • Contains no artificial colouring, preservatives, or fragrance oils
  • Definitely not tested on animals