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Cream arm deodorant

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100% Natural Deodorant Cream 

* No baking Soda or aluminum 
*Non Greasy (won’t stain clothes)
*Fast absorbing

This effective all-natural deodorant cream is aluminum,  baking Soda free and fights to block odor causing bacteria, absorb moisture and keep you feeling fresh all day.
Made with 100% natural ingredients and has a soft
creamy texture.
It will keep you fresh all day long. Just remember to apply on clean skin. A small amount of cream applied under the arms will provide all day protection from odor.
Note that this is not an antiperspirant but rather a deodorant. This means your sweat glands will not be blocked and the ingredients will prevent the formation of odor causing bacteria!

Raw Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil,sweet almond oil,Hand grown lemon grass infused, Arrowroot Powder,
Emulsifying Wax, Lemon grass E/o, Basil e/O, Vanilla e/o