Calming Lavender Face-mask Spray

Calming Lavender Face-mask Spray

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Calming Lavender Face-mask Spray 50ML


Adding this spray to a mask can make wearing one more tolerable, and will help keep your mask smelling amazing in between washes! 

Influencing Emotions with Essential Oils

Essential oils like Lavender inhaled through the nose can affect emotions, mood, motivation, and focus. The sense of smell is called olfaction and is executed by the olfactory system of your body. The olfactory receptors are stimulated by an aroma such as an essential oil. 

Mask Care Tips

  • Wash it every day – If you are using a reusable fabric mask, be sure you are washing it in hot water every use. Use a gentle detergent and let it dry in the sun
  • Use a filter – a charcoal filter can help reduce contaminants and dirt from the air
  • Freshen your breath – use mouthwash to help prevent bad breath that can stink up your mask
  • Don’t get ‘mascne’ – wearing a mask can irritate skin which may lead to acne. Be sure to thoroughly clean your skin after wearing a mask with a face wash and follow up with a toner. If acne persists, try a blemish gel at night