Repurpose,Reuse & Recycle


Don't be wasteful and please Repurpose, recycle & reuse ♻️ 

Once you've reached the final amount in and around your glass jars or tea jars here's a few things you can repurpose it for:

  • Store your favorite hair ties, elastics, pins, earrings etc.
  • Store your makeup brushes, lip balms, glosses & more.
  • Use as a potting plant to grow your favorite herbs or flowers.
  • Once thoroughly cleaned & sanitized, use as a coffee mug or store food items.
  • Can be used for DIY home decor.
  • Reuse bags for dry goods, herbs or more. 

 Why we use 100% recycled plastic for some of or products containers.

If you don't feel like reading studies cover to cover but still aren't convinced that recycled plastic is, in fact, the better option, let me help explain further. Rather than creating new waste or use up untouched resources,100% recycled plastic is made from the plastic that's already headed for the landfill (or worse, the ocean). And although it's unfortunate, the truth is that there's a plethora of that plastic to go around. By reusing materials that are already in circulation, I am trying to divert them from our oceans and landfills; giving them new life and making a decision that puts our planet first. Once used, our containers/ Packaging can then be placed right back in the recycling stream/ your recycling boxes for another trip through the system or can be reused at home or refilled with more products. I believe I am making the right choice in using 100% recycled plastic, and am proud to have made that decision based on science over perceptions and assumptions.

I don't claim to be scientists, but I have  done a bit of "research" ( lost nights of sleep/endless days of reading).


So please re-purpose, reuse & recycle so we can all do our part of taking care of the environment.  ♻️