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What is On Our Farms?


If you have eczema, then you understand how difficult it is to find an effective cream without corticosteroids.

I've been using the everything balm on my exzema for 3 weeks now and am floored by the results. It has all but disappeared; FOR REAL. No more constantly battling itching, redness or inflammation my friends. I am so grateful to have found a herbal solution after years of searching.

We also found the comfrey balm soothes and heals cuts and wasp stings so quickly. I now turn to it for almost any injury.

Thank you On Our Farms for gifting us a herbal medicine revolution with this work!! 


Thanks! You have made a really nice product. I like how silky it feels and that a little goes a long way. And it seems to help things heal fast and very nicely. And pretty much instant scar lightening! All things my skin was needing help with ️ thank u


On Our Farms made a beautiful healing salve and gifted me a jar. I was out in the sun far too long and my entire backside was flaming red, it was really a nasty sunburn. I had a cold shower and applied the salve, I felt instant relief. I did not peel at all and my burn healed quickly. ❤ Highly recommend.


The rosehip body butter blows my mind. the best feeling, best smelling product I've ever used!


We absolutely love all these products. The face mist is uplifting and the salve is an absolute must. Your at home manicure will never be the same. Highly recommend. Back yard beauty is the way of the future. 


The Wild Food Box Team

had these lovelies ship me a container of their everything balm all the way up north in just a matter of days! I use it on everything ! hives, dry skin, cat scratches, dry hands and even my already healed tattoos ! I love it so much it dries beautifully without leaving any greasy build up on my skin. It takes away any inflammation I'm having with the hives and cat scratches! Absolutely will be a long time client